Winter comfort foods without the guilt

The colder weather is the perfect opportunity to cuddle up on the couch with chocolate and a cup of our favourite warm drink, however this may have more to do with how the drop in temperature affects us mentally than us taking advantage of the opportunity to hold-off on exercise and binge watch our favourite TV show.

If you find yourself reaching for more sugar during winter it is because the cold weather is influencing your body. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Kansas found that during winter one of the reasons why we might crave sugary, comfort foods is that we can potentially be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, more commonly known as the winter blues. This can occur due to less exposure to sunlight and reduced exercise during the colder months. This study sited that reaching for sweet foods may provide us with a moment of bliss but can then also subsequently add to the blues.

“There are ways to limit the sugar we consume during winter while still enjoying all the good things in life. This can be achieved by choosing products that offer the benefit of great taste without adding significantly to our calorie intake. This allows us to spend less time scrutinising our food and more time enjoying it,” comments Rajnish Ohri, VP of Whole Earth Brands (South Asia, Middle East & Africa).
For those indulging in sweeter foods during winter, Canderel Xylitol* offers the same taste and texture as sugar, but cuts back on the calories, allowing for a guilt-free comforting experience. Canderel’s all-natural sweetener Canderel Xylitol is the perfect sugar substitute since it is lower in calories and offers a range of additional benefits such as a crunchy texture, keto friendly and teeth friendly. It is great for baking and the ideal alternative for sugar.
If you are craving something sweet but want to avoid the calories try products that have less to no sugar and do not compromise on taste. During the winter months, comfort foods can include coffee and tea, cakes and breads. Trading Sim found that coffee consumption increases by around 12% which means that your morning coffee might extend to morning, afternoon and night. While the Journal of Positive Psychology suggests that taking part in creative tasks such as baking can help make you feel happy, which together with the final product is desired during winter.

“Being conscious about what you are consuming during winter, but not limiting your favourite winter flavours is definitely possible without compromising on your satisfaction,” says Ohri.

*750g SKU is available is all major retail outlets while 300g and 40Sticks SKU is planned to be introduced by October’21.


Canderel is a healthy lifestyle brand from Whole Earth Brands (A global food company enabling healthier lifestyles and providing access to high-quality plant-based sweeteners, flavour enhancers and other foods through our diverse portfolio of trusted brands and delicious products). The brand which first launched in South African in 1983 with their artificial sweetener tablet dispenser. The brand has since grown to include various sugar-free and 0% sugar added products including artificial sweetener in tablet and granulated form including sucrose, stevia, xylitol, as well as chocolate bars and slabs. Canderel believes that having a healthy diet is essential and that the choices we make for our bodies, should be smart ones.
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