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Your sweetest (sugar-free) holiday yet

Comforting, rich and flavourful festive foods don’t have to be unhealthy. Swap sugar for Canderel Crunch with Stevia or Sucralose and enjoy the incredible flavours of Christmas – without the kilojoules. For a lighter take on new festive classics, here’s your ultimate sugar free Christmas menu. Spiced Dukkah with Duck Fat Potatoes Serves 8 as […]

Just a spoonful of sugar (might be making you really sick)

It’s estimated that more than 6% of South Africans are living with diabetes and around five million are pre-diabetic – with thousands more undiagnosed. The prevalence of fast food and hidden sugars in “healthy” foods has increased our intake of sugar considerably – and the results are shocking.

Top tips to help you de-stress

We have some great wellbeing tips which could offer a little mental relaxation and help you to de-stress after a hectic day. Health Psychologist David Moxon says that getting outside for a breath of fresh air on a regular basis can help you to calm down, as can drinking plenty of water. He also reminds […]

Fit more exercise into your day

With the modern busy lifestyle, fitting in time to exercise can be a chore. We’ve got some tips for a whole body workout to introduce into your daily routine that will help you burn those calories without having to schedule it in. 1. Start your day off with a walk. If possible jump off the […]

Waste not, want not by using leftovers and more vegetables

It’s a well-known fact that the UK wastes too much food – indeed, government estimates suggest that as much as a third of all food bought in this country ends up in the bin. Not only is this bad for the environment, it’s bad for your purse too – after all, you wouldn’t simply take […]

Start the day with a healthy breakfast

When you’re determined to succeed with a new healthy eating regime, it can be tempting to do everything you can to drop those pounds and inches. If you’ve already reduced your calorie intake at lunch and dinner and taken clever steps like replacing sugars with sweeteners, then breakfast is often next to come under scrutiny. […]

Balancing a family and a healthy diet

When you’re watching your weight it’s tough if your partner and kids are still tucking into crisps, biscuits and other fattening foods. The main thing is not to let them undermine you — and then to get them on board with healthier eating too! Take control At the very least, ask your family to respect […]